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Individual Counseling

Too many people are stuck in a life they no longer want, unable to find their way back and without hope.
Change happens with tools and insights— and that needs an expert—so let’s get started!
Most clients see lasting and significant change in under ten sessions.

Sessions are offered In Person or Zoom Video Chat

$115 inc GST

Couples Counseling

Our approach towards couples counseling is oriented not only towards solving the problems the couple is facing with each other, but to revive the feeling of love.Individuals and couples seek help for all manner of marriage and relationship help. From marital breakdown to conflict resolution, seeing a professional often provides the pathway back to a healthy relationship.

Sessions are offered In Person or Zoom Video Chat

$150 inc GST

Supervision & Coaching

Those in the caring professions need to be cared for as well. Counsellors, chaplains, pastors and professionals can all benefit from getting the skills and support needed for the long haul.
Prevent Burnout and thrive at work through regular coaching and supervision sessions.

Sessions are offered In Person or Zoom Video Chat

$115 inc GST

Who We Are

A.I Counselling and Coaching is a private counselling service offering help to individuals and couples at their point of need.

Aaron Ironside has over 3000 hours of counselling experience, drawing on his Masters Degree in Psychology and his training with Living Wisdom and Strength to Strength.
Hundreds of clients have experienced the transformation found in discovering the truth that heals the pain and brokenness of our past.

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“I'm the happiest I have been in many years, and so much more relaxed. I am able to laugh freely, find joy in moments, and take part in life instead of just observing from behind my "safe" wall. Thank you for helping me find my way back to really living again."


Aged 50

"My husband is profoundly different. He isn’t just a bit better than before, is almost a new person. No longer angry or frustrated, he is consistently relaxed and happy. I don’t understand why rethinking his professional life has had such a massive impact on who he is at home, but I am thrilled with my ’new’ husband. "


Mother of Two

I will never be able to thank Aaron enough for the work he did with me to overcome a very hard time in my life. As a result of meeting with Aaron I gained new skills and a new way of thinking that has helped to set my mind free. I tried several counselors before I contacted Aaron, and I can say he is definitely top of his field. Aaron is very good at allowing his clients to speak the truth without fear of judgement, he is very supportive and very good at helping to equip his clients with the tools necessary to face difficulties and to grow as a result. I am forever grateful for the transformation he helped to fan into flame in my life."


From Wellington